About Aragon House

Aragon House is a prestigious modern up market Business Centre situated in the heart of St. Julian’s Malta comprising of nine floors of office space with an underlying car park having more than three hundred car spaces over five floors. This Centre has been purposely designed to cater for up market business tenants.

The Centre is constructed in structural steel with composite concrete floor slabs which provide maximum flexibility offering a wide range of office layouts having areas from a minimum of 15 square metres to a maximum of 1100 square metres per floor.
Aragon House is a purposely developed building designed to cater for up market tenants in the centre of St. Julian’s.

The objectives set for the creation of this up market property filter down into all aspects of the building and include:
• A high performance Curtain Wall Facade having elevated specifications to achieve a quiet internal working environment.
• State of the art Building Management System (BMS).
• Thorough Fire Protection and Alarm System including three fire escape staircases, fire fighters lift, addressable fire alarm system, dry riser and an automated sprinkler system at garage levels.
• Fresh air handling units with an energy efficient cooling or heat reclaim facility.
• An optional Intruder Alarm which connects to the BMS.
• Six dedicated high speed passenger lifts.
• Fully accessible ceramic raised flooring with flexible under floor service infrastructure.
• A sound absorbing tegular suspended false ceiling with LED light fittings.
• A synchronized system of three backup generator sets capable of providing the entire power needs of the Business Centre.
• Motorised roller blinds with LED façade lighting, all individually controlled through the BMS system.
• Individually controlled and energy efficient Air-condition fan coil Units.
• Two independent fiber optic cables connected to the two major service providers to cater for the required networking and telecommunication systems.
• All areas within the Centre are designed for Access for All.
• Smoking balconies are available at each office floor level.

The management of the building is entrusted to a related specialist company under the aegis of the Holding Company, and thus benefiting from overall group resources, to ensure that the Business Centre can operate efficiently on a 24 hour basis and can provide all the required services to the tenants of this Business Centre. Such services include:
• A comprehensive Access Control system including Radio Frequency (RF) Card.
• CCTV monitoring to all sensitive areas,
• An automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) parking system.
• 24 Hour Manned Reception.
• A Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) to enable the facade to be maintained regularly and including a hoist for lifting equipment and furniture to the various floors.
• Optional dedicated storage areas available for rent to the Business Centre tenants.

Why Aragon House?

Discerning directors will wish to look beyond the physical attributes and operational facilities of Aragon House as listed under ‘About us’ which, albeit top-notch and state of the art, do not, on their own, create the select and refined ambiance that prestigious companies are accustomed to and indeed value highly.

A tenant screening and leasing policy has thus been devised that aims to cater to and satisfy the expectations of such discerning directors.

Accordingly, the range of services available at and within the Aragon House Business Centre are targeted at companies who value the relevant infrastructures and ambiance in support of their staff resources and image requirements, and are not suited to brass plate operations which accordingly do not satisfy the preferred tenant profile.

That profile is oriented basically to promoting the sort of ambiance typical of the banking and financial services sectors even though such a preferred profile orientation reduces the range of businesses who could be considered to be in harmony with the afore-stated ambiance and image objectives.
A conscious effort is therefore made to ensure that prospective tenants operate businesses which can sit comfortably alongside tenants who fit squarely into the preferred tenant profile. Thus the present tenant family (as listed under Tenants) features an eclectic mix of business activities ranging beyond banks and financial services providers to the aviation and oil industries, through to legal and other advisory services, as well as a top social games company.

Otherwise, every effort is made to assist prospective tenants benefit from Malta's forward looking legislation which encourages overseas companies to set up in Malta for the operation of their business in Malta.

As business needs may change over time, it will no doubt be valued that Aragon House has been designed and set up in a way that flexibly permits office layouts to be modified over time and on an ongoing basis without causing business downtime or undue disturbance to staff.

Other prized design features involve the use of the latest BMS technology thus ensuring a comfortable and reliable working environment in compliance with each tenant’s ambient preferences. This is complemented by appropriate measures that also ensure a secure environment.

In fact, the security arrangements at Aragon House mandate a strict screening of all visitors with a formal record of their identity, and their access to the tenant’s premises in the business centre being duly maintained albeit within the constraints of, and in conformity with, the Data protection Act.

Aragon House is therefore not just a state of the art office building, but one that seeks to attain the highest ambiance and security standards to satisfy even the most discerning of directors.

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Aragon House Business Centre
Aragon House Business Centre
Aragon House Business Centre
Aragon House Business Centre
Aragon House Business Centre
Aragon House Business Centre